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the turn

...gotta just lean a little more..


surfs up

got it...yeah..

nc river reflections

autumn in randolph county

pisgah covered bridge

a west fork little river crossover

nc cotton field

cotton boll...ready for harvest

pilot mountain

just watching....field hay and barn

winter skyline of the capital city

winter skyline

old salem fence

in or out ...out or in?

jefferies park cabin

close the door

swinging bridge

a misty afternoon

old salem nc barn

barrels, firewood and storage

yates mill, nc

grist mill..taking sunday afternoon off

forgotten car

watch that child

vintage warehouse gas pump

fill 'er up

gentle light and singing water

gentle light and singing water

coastal oak and moss

blowing in the wind

front porch

front porch

vintage nc southern city train station

vintage nc southern city

nc back roads….broken shed door

broken shed door

gate eight

gate eight

cotton basket

nc back roads porch

vintage water pump

awaiting…wind instruments

train tracks

wandering somewhere